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About Us

The Pallet Network (Anglia) operates a fast efficient delivery service throughout the United Kingdom, constantly improving and investing in its’ operation to provide a quality service, whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

With increasing emphasis on emissions and fuel usage, environmentally friendly vehicles and the need to reduce those carbon footprints, PNA works to ensure that it’s vehicles are constantly working to maximise freight movements with minimal mileage covered.

Similarly, The Pallet Network (TPN) has over 110 member depots’ operating through a central hub in the Midlands, and two smaller regional hubs in Preston and Northampton, all of which are strategically placed for easy access to all major routes. By night, each member’s trunk vehicles will arrive in the central hub and ‘swap’ freight. Freight for delivery in each depot’s local area is then taken back to the depots and distributed on small, fuel efficient vehicles. All freight coming out of the northern area for delivery in the north goes through the second hub, again to minimise mileage and help the environment. Once empty these same vehicles load up with their own areas freight and return to the local depot.

The Pallet Network Anglia, which services the majority of the PE postcode on behalf of TPN, has always focused on reducing it’s carbon footprint. All of our gas forklifts have been replaced with electric powered forklifts, for which most of the power for recharging is generated by our own 6Kw wind turbine. Our aerodynamic trunk trailers are also helping to reduce fuel consumption, and thus further reduce our carbon footprint.

Our investment into the environment is reflected through The Pallet Network, our costs are contained, enabling us to service our clients with a fast, economical and environmentally friendly solution in distributing their products.

Meet TPN – THE Pallet Network


Their professional and efficient service makes Pallet Network (Anglia) the obvious pallet delivery partner of Masteroast Coffee Company.

Janet Roper
Janet RoperSales Office Manager

What a great team you are we do appreciate what you do.

TrevorNene Rubber & Plastics Ltd, Peterborough

TPN is very impressive.  They do what they say they will, communicate clearly and they are reliable.

Jason HawesExaclair, Head of Logistics

You surpass expectations yet again…!!!

Tim BennisSpirotech-SRD, Stores Manager

‘Fantastic reliable service supported by a professional and friendly team. Thank you!’

Zoe LawAccess Platform Sales, Sales Support

Thanks for the great service, I had a pallet come to the wrong address, your driver rang, brought it to the correct address and waited while I relabelled it to ship it out with you again.

Really good service and exactly what customers need…

Robin HallEsheet


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